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Persevere through the silence.

Thirty-third Sunday Ordinary Time

November 13, 2022 •

It is through perseverance that we secure our lives. Perseverance.

Perseverance is the ability to suffer patiently as long as it takes until you reach your goal. The goal of course for us is salvation, Heaven. Being faithful to Christ, persevering to the end, regardless of the pain and suffering we have to endure . . . if we do that, then Jesus says we will secure our salvation, our lives.

Though many people would like to think that the end is near, it's important to remember this final point. The Lord says that before these things happen you will be "persecuted because of My Name". In this country that hasn't officially started - yet. And I say "yet". It's just a matter of time. . . .

And what is our response when these things do happen? Simply put, we are to be faithful to Christ no matter the cost. No matter the cost. To your own life, the life of your spouse, the lives of your children.

Our fidelity to the Lord must be unyielding. . . .

But our job is not to change culture and society. Anybody who tells you that does not understand what Jesus teaches. Our job is to follow Christ. If we follow Christ, that will change culture and society. Our responsibility is to persevere in the faith regardless of the cost. . . .

Throughout our day, when we cannot keep a quiet and contemplative mind, (when we can't "work without being busybodies" as Saint Paul says in the second reading) we can't focus on God. If we're not focused on the Lord, when challenges come, we fall back on our bad habits, on our weaknesses and our sins. A mind that cannot remain focused throughout the day cannot hold on to the grace of Christ in those difficult moments.

The only way to keep your mind quiet, is to practice silence. Not just silence by closing your lips and not speaking. That's part of it. But spending time each day intentionally in silence. When was the last time you got into the car and drove somewhere and did not turn on the radio? Especially if you were alone.

What is it about silence that we resist? It's because it's uncomfortable. And why is it uncomfortable? When someone begins to practice silence in their life - turning off the radio, the computer, the TV; just sitting quietly - the first thing that happens is: they're left alone with their own thoughts. And most of our thoughts are not very good. They're sinful and tempting. Egotistical and self-centered. Regardless, all those thoughts do is bring up our sinfulness and weaknesses. There's actually a reason for this.

Our Lord wants those things to come up when you're silent and you reflect. The main reason is that in your silence you begin to see those things about you that keep you separated from God.

He wants those things removed from your life so He can draw closer to you. So that you can draw closer to Him. . . .

Persevere through the silence.

Mal 3:19-20a; Ps 98:5-6, 7-8, 9; 2 Thes 3:7-12; Lk 21:5-19

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