The Liturgical Year

The Liturgical Year is the celebration throughout the year of the mysteries of the Lord's birth, life, death, and Resurrection in such a way that the entire year becomes a "year of the Lord's grace."  Thus the cycle of the liturgical year and the great feasts constitute the basic rhythm of the Christian's life of prayer, with its focal point at Easter. 

In the liturgical year, the various aspects of the one Paschal mystery unfold. This is also the case with the cycle of feasts surrounding the mystery of the Incarnation (Annunciation, Christmas, Epiphany). They commemorate the beginning of our salvation and communicate to us the fruits of the paschal mystery. (CCC1171)

Liturgical Seasons

November 28- December 24, 2021

December 25, 2020 - January 10, 2021

Ordinary Time
January 11 - February 16, 2021
May 24- November 27, 2021

February 17 - March 31, 2021

Triduum April 1-3, 2021

April 4 - May 23, 2021