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  • 1944: Benedictine Priest

  • 1944: Fr Edward Beatty

  • 1962: Fr Joseph Waters

  • 1966: Fr Vincent Erb

  • 1969: Fr John Radaelli, I.M.C.

  • 1976: Fr Michael O'Keefe

  • 1978: Fr Carlos Tarasi

  • 1981: Fr Conrad Kimbrough

  • 1983: Fr Cecil Tice

  • 1986: Fr Charles Rooks

  • 1990: Fr Patrick Gavigan

  • 1991: Fr Richard Farwell

  • 1998: Fr Joseph Kelleher

  • 1999: Fr Thomas Kessler

  • 2002: Fr Thomas Stott

  • 2005: Fr Matthew Buettner

  • 2013: Fr David Miller

  • 2024: Fr Michael Carlson

O Jesus,

I pray for your faithful and fervent priests;

for Your unfaithful and tepid priests;

for Your priests laboring at home or abroad
   in distant mission fields;

for Your tempted priests;

for Your lonely and desolate priests;

for Your young priests;

for Your dying priests;

for the souls of Your priests in purgatory.

But above all, I recommend to You

the priests dearest to me;

the priest who baptized me;

the priests who absolved me of my sins;

the priests at whose Masses I assisted and
   who gave me Your Body and Blood in 
   Holy communion;

the priests who taught and instructed me;

the priests to whom I am indebted in any
   other way.

O Jesus, keep them all close to Your Heart,
   and bless them abundantly in time and


Our Pastors

St Dorothy's Through the Years

The home of the Catholic Church in Lincolnton has traveled many routes and overcome numerous adversities since its inception over 75 years ago. It began with four families who met each Sunday for Mass at the old Warlick Funeral Home. Today, St Dorothy’s Parish is home to more than 400 families and is still growing.


Originally, a Benedictine priest came from Cherryville to serve this small group of Catholics. In 1944 he was replaced by Father Edward Beatty, Pastor of St. Therese Catholic Church in Mooresville, at which time St. Dorothy’s became a mission of this church. Property was purchased in 1955 for the construction of a Church on North Aspen Street. In 1957, with three families, Mass was celebrated at the office of a parishioner in town. A home for the fledgling community was built in 1958. Through the Catholic Extension Society of Chicago, funds for a 1,260 square foot building and living quarters for a part-time priest were obtained from Mr Winter who requested that the Church be named for his deceased wife, Dorothy M. Winter.


1961 saw St Dorothy’s grow to nine families, and the building was enlarged by almost 1000 square feet. This addition was made into a permanent chapel, with a stationary altar and 14 pews. The original structure became the priest’s residence. In 1969, St Dorothy’s became a mission of Our Lady of Consolation Catholic Church in Charlotte. The number of registered families doubled from 25 in 1970, to 50 by 1973.


Throughout the 1970’s the parish family continued to grow rapidly. In 1974 there were 85 families attending crowded weekend Masses, with Faith Formation classes being held at St Luke’s Episcopal Church. In 1976, with 117 families, St Dorothy’s purchased the present tract of land, 5.4 acres made available by the Craig Wood family. 


In June 1976, the mission Church in Lincolnton was named a parish by Bishop Michael J. Begley, the first Bishop of the Diocese of Charlotte. Construction of a 6,900 square foot building began in late summer 1977.


Over the next several years, changes were made to accommodate the growing parish.  A cry room was converted into a chapel, and the priest’s residence became offices and a sacristy. Plans for a new Church were first discussed in June 1990, which included converting the existing structure into a parish center. Through the grace of God and numerous benefactors, ground was broken on February 22, 1994 for the current 6,400 square foot Church building. 


On the Feast of St Dorothy, February 6, 2012 our Sanctuary beautification project came to fruition with the consecration of our new altar by Bishop Peter Jugis. Thanks to the magnanimity, talents, and skills of our own parishioners, our parish enjoys a beautiful sanctuary in which we can together celebrate Masses, Feasts, weddings, funerals, Baptisms and more, and to render worship to God.


St Dorothy’s Catholic Church has long benefited from the rich wisdom and leadership of all the priests who have shepherded this ever-growing community. We continue to thank God for our Church, and for all those who gave so generously of themselves to establish and found this parish. We entrust St Dorothy’s Catholic Church and ourselves to the grace and mercy of God, the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Joseph her spouse, and to Saint Dorothy, our beloved patroness.

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