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Each of us has been blessed by God and entrusted with many gifts from Him. We are all called to receive God’s gifts gratefully, to cherish and tend these gifts, to share them in justice and love with others, and to return them.

We are grateful that you are taking the time to consider your legacy - and the legacy of our Catholic faith with increase to the Lord.
Part of our responsibility as stewards of God’s gifts includes what is sometimes referred to as our “final act of stewardship” – the creation of our estate plan.   Our estate plan is part of our legacy, enabling us to use those gifts that have been given to us to provide for our loved ones in the future.  We also have the opportunity to give witness to the importance of our faith and express our gratitude to God by making a gift to the Church that strengthens our parish for future generations.

Our parish is pleased to offer you resources to help you in the planning process.  Whether you are just beginning to plan for your family or you are considering a future gift to our parish from your will, or as a beneficiary of a retirement account or life insurance policy, we hope you contact us for more information. 

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