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  • Dyann Maldonado

Pray the Rosary

My name is Father Noe Torres, I am the Vicar at Immaculate Conception in Hendersonville and at the Basilica of St. Lawrence in Asheville and now I am here at St. Dorothy, three churches!

I will be with you celebrating the Holy mass and sacraments. If God asks us if you have done 7 works of charity before you enter heaven you will begin to remember that you only helped two or three, but you had in your life the commandments and sacraments. God invites us to fulfill and bear fruit and love, love your wife, love your children, and love your neighbor; lets celebrate with Christ the passion.

God blesses you always and don’t forget to pray the rosary every day to the Blessed Virgin Mary, I need families to pray together.

No more internet, well a little internet, but I need families to pray together.

I invite St. Dorothy to pray everyday in the home and at church with your heart. Amen.

Homily begins at 22.30

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