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After it kills me, the Lord will raise me up.

Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time

February 9, 2020 •

If I can die to my own emotional needs in my relationships - truly die with Christ in those ways, accepting the fact that the people around me are not loving me the way that I need, certainly not the way that I want -and if I suffer that with Jesus in imitation of His Cross, after it kills me, not physically but emotionally, then the Lord will raise me up.

Always remember this about the Resurrected Jesus: He cannot die again. ...

That's what happens to us in those areas when we can accept this suffering - as unjust, as painful as it may be; these starvations, these hungers, these deaths, and with and in Christ die to ourselves in them ... then Jesus transforms us. We can never suffer in those same ways again.

Is 58:7-10, Ps 112:4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 1Cor 2:1-5, Mt 5:13-16

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