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You have set a limit on Love.

Twenty-Fifth Sunday

September 22, 2019•

We have to look a little deeper at our intentions and our choices. Am I a calculating person in regards to my relationships? When your calculations are used in your relationships, you've taken it too far. ...How much do I give you? And I'm not just talking about money. Time. Energy. Forgiveness. That's a calculation. And you have set a limit on love. On virtue, compassion, understanding. ...

If we are truly servants of God, we put no value on people. No value whatsoever. There is no price. They are of infinite value. It's incalculable. Why?

Because that's the very nature of our God. God is limitless. He's infinite goodness, and love, and knowledge, and compassion, and power. He's infinite. You can't calculate it. And if He creates us in His image and likeness, then we share in that incalculable worth.

Money is calculable. It has a specific worth. When we start treating people like money, we love mammon.

Am 8:4-7, Ps 113: 1-2, 4-6, 7-8, 1Tim 2:1-8, Lk 16:1-13

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