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Why did you doubt?

Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

August 9, 2020 •

So Peter has this amazing request. "If it is You Lord - if You have the power to walk over the storms and not be effected by them - I want that power too." And that's really a beautiful request in prayer. On some level that's what each of us say to the Lord when we are anxious about the times in which we live. We say, "Lord, give me peace about this stormy weather, about the unrest in society, or about the dangers in the world around me. Give me peace Lord. Help me to walk over the storm like You do." Peter, as the Pope, really speaks for each one of us.

And the Lord says, "Come. Do what I do."

I always picture Peter stepping gingerly out of the boat, touching the surface of the water, and discovering "Wow, my foot doesn't go through." Then, with more courage, he gets out of the boat and starts walking directly toward Jesus. His eyes fixed on the Lord.

Now, Peter knows he can't walk on water. He's a man, he doesn't have that power. So it has to be the Lord Who is empowering him to be able to overcome this storm and the laws of nature.

But what happens? ... Peter turns his head and he sees how strong the wind is. And he becomes frightened.

Instead of keeping his eyes fixed on Jesus, he turns, sees how strong the storm is, and becoming frightened and insecure, all of that grace is just gone. And he sinks.

1 Kgs 19:9a, 11-13a; Ps 145:8-9, 15-16, 17-18; Rom 9:1-5; Mt 14:22-33

Homily begins at 12:50.

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