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"Why are you terrified? Do you not yet have faith?"

Twelfth Sunday Ordinary Time

June 20, 2021 •

Now, we know that Jesus is the Lord. This is fundamental to our belief as Christians. And yet, how often are you and I still terrified by the storms in the world? And I don't just mean physical storms. Certainly that could scare any one of us. A great tornado or hurricane comes up and we'd all cower in fear and terror. Cry out, "God, where are you? Are you sleeping?! Wake up! Save me."

But there are also many types of metaphorical storms in our life. Political storms. Social storms. Economic storms. Even mental storms. This is the one we struggle with the most, actually. It's the one that produces the actual fear that we feel. When our mind is not at rest. That inner turmoil that makes us afraid and leads to anxiety, depression. These inner storms rage and they terrify us.

What do we do? We cry out: "Lord! Wake up! I know you can fix this! I know You have the power to calm all storms! Why don't you calm the storm in my mind?"

"Why don't You give me peace?"

I prayed this prayer for years and it took me so many years to hear the Lord. He was rebuking me, just as He rebuked the disciples in the boat.

"Why are you terrified? Do you not yet have faith?" ....

"Lord, but I'm afraid."

"Yes, but I'm God."

Jb 38:1, 8-11; Ps 107:23-26, 28-31; 2 Cor 5:14-17; Mk 4:35-41

Homily begins at 17:30

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