Wednesday  -  5:00-5:45pm

Thursday  -  4:00-4:45pm

Friday  -  5:00-5:45pm

Saturday  -  3:00-4:45pm

Confession is available any time by appointment. Please contact the office.


Tuesday  -  11:00am

Wednesday  -  4:00pm

Thursday  Holy Hour  -  6:00pm

Friday  -  4:00pm

First Friday Overnight   -  3:00pm-10:00am

Holy Mass

Sunday Vigil  -  Saturday, 5:00pm

Sunday Mass  -  Sunday, 9:00am (English)

Sunday Mass  -  Sunday, 12:00pm (Spanish)

Holy Rosary recited half hour prior to each Mass

Daily Mass

Monday   -  No Mass

Tuesday  -  12:10pm

Wednesday  -  6:00pm

Thursday  -  5:00pm

Friday   -  6:00pm

First Saturday  -  10:00am



Due to current restrictions on crowd size, Masses have been canceled until further notice

• Confession •

Wed 5-7:00pm

Sat 3-5:00pm