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You cannot claim to be Catholic and reject this teaching

Second Sunday of Advent

December 5, 2021 •

Abortion is merely a symptom of the use of contraception. If you don't deal with the root of the problem, there no way to actually stop the symptoms. ...

The Church document Humane Vitae was written officially clarifying the teaching of Christ on the use of artificial contraceptives ... as intrinsically evil. Meaning: the use of contraceptives in the marital act, is always gravely offensive to God. Meaning: that one can go to hell for a single act of doing it if they die unrepentant.

That's how serious is the Church's teaching against it.


The reason why the Church, and why Christ teach so clearly on this issue has nothing to do with any strange moral law. In fact, you can set morality aside. Let's just assume there is no heaven or hell. No God. No judgement on the soul. Let's just assume all that doesn't even exist.

Would it still be wrong to contracept?



For one simple reason: it's unnatural. ...

Nature tells us what intimacy is for... The act of marital in intimacy is primarily for what? Procreation. I'm not saying there aren't other goods, but first and foremost it is purely for the sake of procreation. That's it. ...

In every species that has dual sexes that procreate in this way, that's why they do it. To make babies.

It is unnatural to use that act for any other purpose alone. ...

If you ever intentionally, or by action, reject that primary aspect of the marital act, you have perverted the act. Now that doesn't mean the other goods aren't present. Meaning, the pleasure that one gets, and the communal bonding that happens between a husband and a wife. That's all good stuff, and that's supposed to be there. But, the moment you remove the natural good from it, the other goods become distorted and perverted. ...

If each individual is so precious, so sacred in the world because they image God - then the act that brought them into the world is also sacred. It's not just an earthly act, it's a heavenly act. It is a holy act in which God is also involved. We know that God is involved in every procreative act - He's the only One that can make a soul.

The Church's teaching formally condemning these things as evil is primarily for the reason of protecting the sanctity of life itself. ...

If you really want to end the evils of abortion, the real thing we have to do is defend - not just live as Catholics, but defend - our Church's teaching on the evils of contraception. ...

But I warn you: you cannot claim to be Catholic and reject this teaching. By that very fact, you deny the faith. This is one of the essential teachings of the Church, so take this seriously. If you're struggling with this teaching or have not repented of it, don't go to Communion. Pray about it. Call me. Talk to me. Let's work on this together. Go to confession if you're able, and then return to the Sacraments.

The Church belongs to Christ. Not to you, and not to me. We're here because of our conformity to Christ. If you do not want to conform to Christ, then leave.

Bar 5:1-9; Ps 126:1-6; Phil 1:4-6, 8-11; Lk 3:1-6

Homily begins at 21:50

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