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Welcome Father Michael Carlson

At 12:00 today, I became your pastor. I'm Father Michael Carlson at Saint Mark this morning. And now here as your pastor, and I am. I'm here for you. I am here for you to lead you as best I can to Jesus Christ through the preaching of the gospel and through the sacraments. And I will do my utmost and ask especially for your prayers, because I need. I need those. This afternoon we're celebrating these Chinese martyrs, Augustine, Zhao and his companions, about 120 from seven years old, all the way up to about 70 years old. And these martyrs to become a martyr and to give your life for Christ that requires such grace. It requires really supernaturally giving up your life, offering that greatest gift of your life to God and for God, and for that we need the sacraments. For that we need a priest. That's why Saint Augustine that was so loved in this gospel reading, we have this beautiful moment. It's one of those privileged moments in the gospel. We actually get to see the interior life of Jesus Christ. You get a little glimpse of the interior life of the Son of God, and that interior life is moved with pity, is moved with pity for that crowd, because they don't have a shepherd.

They're lost and wandering around, and they need a direction. And of course, Christ is that good shepherd. But here's the beautiful thing. That heart that love you has that Sacred Heart. He wants that to continue in every time and in every place. So that's why he raises up a priest. And every time and in every place. The Lord loves you so much he raises and calls a priest. I did not call myself or any other priest could say the same thing. He raises up a priest so that you have the sacraments. He raises up a priest so that you can have the Eucharist and have that personal contact with the living, risen Jesus. And that is what we want to preach to others. And it's not just my preaching.

It's yours as well. That is our mission.

Homily begins at 9:12

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