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Twenty-First Sunday Ordinary Time

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit seeking our Lady's intercession. Let us pray.

Hail Mary, full of grace.

The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women,

and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus,

Holy Mary, Mother of God,

pray for us sinners

now and at the hour of our death, Amen

Good morning, brothers, and sisters.

Oh, I don't know how many of you read in the news that, uh, this coming Saturday evening at our local civic center here in Lincolnton, they're putting on a drag show. And if you don't know what a drag show is, I'm very pleased. But sadly, I'm going to have to give you some idea. Otherwise, the rest of the homily won't make much sense.

So, a drag show is when men dress up like women or women dress up like men and perform lewd acts and dances and songs on stage that people pay to go see. That's what a drag show is. It's disgusting from beginning to end. Uh, and I want to let you know that next Saturday, uh, right after the vigil mass, so around 6:00, I'm going to expose the Blessed Sacrament. We'll have adoration from 6 to 9. Anyone who can come and make it, we'll just be praying, interceding for our town and our nation and all these issues that we see in the world today. There is some talk of some people gathering down by the civic center and just like praying a rosary quietly outside. I'll send out a connect the dots and let you know either way if that's going to happen.

A little while ago, they tried to do this in Hickory, and there was such an uproar they had to cancel it. I hope we have still another seven days. Maybe we could cancel it altogether. But this is just a good opportunity to talk about the church's teaching on sexuality and why, in particular homosexuality, transgenderism and all of these topics. These issues are wrong, right? Why they're not in line with God's plan. And the simple reason is the teaching that we have. And if you look up the catechism of the Catholic Church on the Sixth Commandment, it tells us very clear that in the beginning God made them male and female, and he told them to be fruitful and multiply. The differences between our genders, male and female and our complementarity allows for the reproducing of more human beings, more children made in God's image and likeness. That's why the family and marriage relations are based on this distinction. What happens in people and in the society, in a culture where there is homosexuality, at least if it's promoted or at this point in our country, transgenderism and all these things, the first thing you need to know is this is nothing new.

Like, it's not negligible. I'm not saying it's a huge percentage, but it's significant enough to be a problem and to have always been a problem since and entered the world. We can't just shrug it off as if it's not that big a deal. It is a big deal. But the church's teaching on it is very clear and distinct.

If you're not sure, just get your catechism. If you don't have a catechism, get a catechism right in the back. There's an index. You can look up any topic that you want. And in this topic on the Sixth Commandment, it gives us very specific teachings, beginning with paragraph two, three, three, one. I don't expect you to remember that, but church documents are always numbered by paragraph, not pages. And in this section, it deals with our Lord's teaching on proper sexuality and relationships between husbands and wives and men and women, chastity holiness and sends against chastity. And we know from the Sixth Commandment there are many different sins against chastity, right? Adultery is a sin against marriage in the family and chastity. Right? Fornication is a sin. Lust, pornography, these kinds of things are all sins against chastity, and therefore they are disordered, and this is an important way to remember or certain word to use to remember what sin is. Sin is a disorder, meaning God has ordered creation and us to act in a certain way, to perform deeds in a certain way. And when we sin, we're performing deeds or actions or words or thoughts in the wrong way. Therefore, it's disorders. But there is also a subcategory of sin that is. Yes. And so therefore disordered. However, it's also unnatural. And homosexuality, transgenderism. And all this falls in that subcategory. Yes, it's disordered, but it's even unnatural. Sadly, when somebody commits adultery, it's a grave sin, right? you could go to hell for that if you die. Unrepentant. But in the end, that's at least natural. It's between a man and a woman. But when it's two men or two women, you've crossed the lines of nature. And those sins are particularly problematic in a culture. This is precisely why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, where we get the word Sodom Sodomites. You can see plenty of sins of adultery. As evil as it is in any culture throughout time.

God doesn't destroy a nation for that. But when a culture has gotten to a point at which it has promoted unnatural, sinful acts, not just allowed or condoned, promoted, unnatural, sinful acts, eventually God must step in. And if that culture can't change, he destroys it. It's the same thing he's done for the last 10,000 years. You can study history. These problems have existed in all cultures, and when the culture supports it, the culture collapses, implodes on itself. Usually uses some type of war or natural disaster. So yeah, get ready for that. I really don't have to worry about it too much because, you know, whenever these things happen, they always attack the Catholic priests first. I'm going to be martyred long before any of you will be attacked. You know, I've got it a much quicker out. I'm just saying. But we as a people, we as disciples of Christ, we must follow the church and the teachings in this regard. But we can't shirk our responsibility. Now, I'm not saying we need to go out and picket. I'm not a big fan of that kind of stuff.

Quiet prayer outside of a place. Good adoration before a lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Very powerful. Don't underestimate that. You know, I don't think he's the bishop there anymore. He may have retired, but in Nebraska, when I was in seminary, a lot of their seminarians were in the same class with me. And whenever an abortion clinic would open up and again, that's an unnatural sin, you know, to kill your own child. Whenever an abortion clinic would open up in this bishop's diocese, he would get donors and they would either buy or rent a room in the building above the building or across the street from the abortion clinic and set up perpetual adoration. And within one week that abortion clinic would close. That's all they had to do. There were no abortion clinics in his dioceses because every time they tried to open one, they would just somehow miraculously close it down in a week.

So don't underestimate the power of prayer, especially in regard to adoration. That's why we're going to have adoration next Saturday. As Catholics, we obviously have to stand against these sins as we have to do with any sin, right? The church's teaching is very clear. And remember, it matters what the church teaches, what the pope and the bishops have taught for the last 2000 years, because as we heard in the gospel, Christ gave to Peter and the apostles the keys to his kingdom, and he said, what you bind on Earth is bound in heaven. That's a very important point. The church has clearly handed on this teaching, which comes from Christ directly to us. It has been maintained and unchanged for 2000 years and thousands of years in the Israelite religion before that. This this teaching will never change, and we can't yield on this point. However, we must have compassion on these men and women who struggle with these issues.

We must have compassion. The church is very clear on that because they are our brothers and sisters, because they also are made in God's image and likeness and that God wants to save them and heal them as He does each one of us. And when it comes right down to it, I'm no better than them, right? You're no better than them. We might not fall into those same types of sins, but we're all sinners in need of redemption. But something I do want to share with you, kind of like as an end to this homily today, the church says she doesn't know why men and women struggle with these issues because we don't know why 100%. You read that in the catechism. We don't know why. We just know it's disordered. It's unnatural. It's not in line with Christ plan. We need to, in a wholly and virtuous way, oppose it. But we don't know the reason why people struggle. And if you talk to them, many of them will tell you it's not a choice. I've always been this way. Now I'm going to give you Father Miller's personal opinion, and I think this opinion carries some weight because I've been working with homosexuals for over 20 years.

I've known a lot of them personally and my family, friends, parishioners, just it's long time. And I've noticed certain consistencies about their struggles and I'm going to give you my theory as to why men and women struggle with these things, even transgenderism nowadays. A lot of it is just very popular, especially transgenderism. So that's a kind of a separate topic. It's kind of more of a father in many respects. But that aside, how can someone become confused about their sexuality? Well, we know it's not genetically designed, right? God genetically designed us to be heterosexual. Why? Because that's natural. It's the way nature itself works. But that doesn't mean disorder can't enter into nature. Right? When God made Adam and Eve, they had perfect eyesight. I was born with bad eyesight. So, what happened? Well, that's genetics, right? Over the millennia of human existence, because of sin disorder has gone not just into our thoughts and words and actions. It's gotten into our very DNA. These disorders create bodily disorders. So bad eyesight, you know, we can get corrective lenses, but even anxiety and depression, we know has some type of a genetic connection. That doesn't mean your body is going to make you anxious and depressed. But some people are more inclined towards anxiety and depression because of a genetic predisposition. And if the circumstantial circumstances of their life are right, then they fall into that very easily and struggle with it throughout their lives. Now, we shouldn't go around and say, oh yes, being having bad eyesight is perfectly normal and healthy.

No, you fix it or being anxious and depressed is perfectly normal and healthy. No, you fix it. You have to recognize what is healthy and what is unhealthy. Whether there is some genetic predisposition towards these kinds of sexual disorders, it doesn't mean it makes that person into that way. So, what are the factors that I'm aware of in regard to how men and women struggle with this issue? Well, I'm going to separate them because they're very different. How men struggle and how women struggle with temptations of homosexuality and transgenderism and the issue comes primarily sorry, gentlemen, on the fathers. When young men first we're just going to deal with them. When young men are growing up between the ages of one and ten is, give or take, they are genetically designed by God to want to be like their daddies. It's just based programing, right? Even ma'am, all mammals have that same programing. Human beings are just a bit more complicated because we have these spiritual souls. This little boy wants more than anything in the world to be like his dad, to grow up, to be the kind of man his dad is. Now, if that's a good man, then wonderful. If it's a bad man, well, it doesn't matter. He's still going to grow up to try to be like his dad one way or another. But when a dad has either no relationship with his son during those formative years or a very bad relationship where he's putting down his son during those formative years, this creates a psychological wound in the young man, because subconsciously he believes he doesn't measure up as a man and fathers, I'll tell you the best thing you can say to any of your sons, regardless of their age, is, well done. I'm proud of you. That's the way I would have done it, because those little boys can say, oh, Dad agrees with me. Your dad thinks I did a good job and that means I'm like, Dad, the most important. But when he doesn't get that again, this wound is very deep in him because he wants to be a man. He wants to grow up to be a man like his dad. If dad doesn't communicate that that is possible, then he must question his very being. But does that desire to be a man ever go away? Nothing psychologically that a young boy needs. He's program said to desire that. But if he's never thought that it was possible and it's not his fault, then by the time he hits puberty, guess what happens? Suddenly this surge of hormones and sexual desire gets muddled and confused with this wound. And instead of desiring to be a man, he desires to be with a man. And this is true across the board and I'll tell you, out of all of the men I've known and worked with in this area who struggle with homosexuality, they would rather be with heterosexual men than homosexual men. And that tells me that, again, it's because it's a disorder based on their desire to be manly, but it's not their fault. It's not a choice that they made. Most of them truly are deeply wounded. And if it's anybody's fault, it's their parents’ fault. It's more their father's fault than their mother's. But mothers, you can assist in this as well. When a mother puts down the father, the husband in front of the children, especially the son consistently when she disrespects him in front of the children, this is very dangerous when she keeps them from their father, very dangerous as well.

Now, again, yes, issues are far more complicated than I can explain in one simple homily. My point is, especially with men, you have to remember that this is a deep wound and it's not a simple option that they made most likely from the moment they went through purging up purgatory. Puberty does feel like purgatory, doesn't it? From the first moment they went through puberty, they have felt attracted to men. But on a subconscious level, they've always been attracted to men in the sense that they want to be a man. But because of the brokenness that they receive from their fathers and their mothers, this has become confused. Now, can it be healed? Yes. Can they find grace and chastity? Yes, of course. Now, when women struggle with homosexuality, it's a very different it's a completely different scenario. However, it still has to do with us fathers. It's still the father's fault, primarily. Interesting. I'm not saying mothers you don't contribute. Of course, you do. You're a part of that. But it's far more the father's fault than the mothers. In both cases. You see, women are designed very different from men in the fact that they're far more relational. They need relationships more than anything. They must have them. And again, being natural, they're inclined to seek a man in their life like their father. That's the normal thing to do. The way they see their mom and dad interact during those formative years, 1 to 10 years old, is how they think men and women are supposed to interact. Whether that's a good example or not, that's their perception. But when their father presents to them either fear or disrespect, if the father puts them down and doesn't cherish them, doesn't teach them how much they are loved a lot of times, and because of various other wounds, they cannot entrust their heart to a man. But they must entrust their heart to somebody, and the only ones left to them are women. Logically, they both make clear sense. But again, in both cases, I've seen it time and time again. I have never encountered a homosexual man or woman who hasn't fallen into these categories. There still may be things I don't know about it, but what I do know is that you and I have to be compassionate with them. We must see that it's not a simple choice that they made. Do they need to strive for chastity? Of course, they do, just like you and I do. We all need to follow Christ and his teachings. Of course, we do. I can't condone those sins in that lifestyle, but I'm not going to condemn those people it's this struggle that we have here. We have to stand against all sin, but especially unnatural sin, even if we're persecuted because of it. But we need to pray for the healing and the grace that's needed. And these poor men and women and even those who support them. I'm sure that many of these crazy politicians and parents and families and everything who are supporting these lifestyles and even transgenderism in children, I mean, God forbid you cross a line when you go there, but I'm sure that many of them have good intentions. As crazy as they are, they actually want to do what's best. Now, again, good intentions aren't enough. You need good actions. You need the truth. Jesus says it's the truth that sets us free. But the truth is that this needs to be stopped and we need to stand against it. And we have to be compassionate and understand and patient and merciful with everyone who struggles with these topics in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

I've spoken so long, and we have to have my brothers and my sacrifice to be acceptable to God. Your life, the sacrifice, O Lord, gain for yourself of people by adoption. The one sacrifice offered once for all these so graciously on us, we've grown to have some unity and peace in your eyes, to our little boy or little more and be with you all that you are. Thanks to all our God is truly our duty and our always and everywhere you find Lord, Holy Father Almighty. And due to the law, the rules will produce star rule for school mystery left to the law of the city, by which he has freed us from sin. And the glorious glory of being all those entering a royal for the nation of people, for your own laws that has gone blue for all claim everywhere your own lives. You were born. You have called us out of the darkness into your all. And so with the angels and darkening you with the drones and all the and with all the rules and the followers and all that, these singing examine all of your eyes without waking up and your song and all you there for the most merciful father would make humble prayer and petition through Jesus Christ your son that you accept his offer to be offered universally for the Holy Please to grant to throughout the whole world, together with your servant, Francis Peter, our little holding on the Catholic Apostolic faith. And for that we offer you the sacrifice of when they offer it for themselves and all for the redemption of their souls. The local council in Rome to the eternal God, living union with those for this matter, and any manner, especially the glorious and the Virgin and Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed Joseph. First about the Blessed hospitals and Peter and Paul and yours. We ask that through their merits and prayers in all this, we may be depending on your protection and therefore Lord, in our service and your appeals delivered from the eternal damnation of different life. And those practices are pleased with this offer in every respect it spiritual and accepting that it may be coming for us. The body of your most beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, on the day before, be blessed to suffer because the grandest quality is venerable and with eyes. Your God is when if knew facts. You said the blessed growth and David, his disciples said, take this on and this is my Lord, this will be given to you in a similar way. When the supper was and he took this precious chalice, this and once more giving you thanks, you send the blessed and gave the chalice to his disciples.

Take this all and this is the challenge of my love before you and for the forgiveness and memory of his story of their world order. As we celebrate the more blessed, the resurrection from the dead and the glorious of your son, your servants and offer to your glorious Majesty from the gifts that you have given this cure with this belief in this spotless brand of internal and pleased to look upon these offerings with a serene and to accept as once you are pleased to accept the gifts of your servant, able to justify the sacrifice of Abraham, our father, and we all sacrifice and humble you, Almighty God gives be borne by the hands of the Holy angels in your offer on the site of all of us, in this participation that we all received in this building body. Love your soul and be filled with every grace and heavenly blessed are also, Lord your servant members of the House, the family who have gone before us with the sign of faith and best in this grand final word and all the sleep in a place of refreshment for Christ. Our who was also your servant to those opposed to us. Some share the Holy Apostles and Stephen Matthias, Barnabas and the owners and see whether they're going on there with Christ. You continue to make all these little you sacrifice less than in the stone through him and with and Oh God Almighty fallen in the unity of the whole. You all know, Lord, I'm goanna ask you all for the run of the Saviors come and then go on to we dare to say our other and to and from the US, from the Lord. You are doing that by the help of university, you may be always free from sensation, from all this strife. As we await the blessings of the coming of our Savior, Jesus, brought by us.

Oh, Lord Jesus Christ. Who said, You? He saw what He saw. Give you love not in our sins, but on the faith of your care and your world, who live in rain forever and never. The piece of the Lord be with you all the way. Oh, God takes away the sins of the world. Blessed call for the suffering of the light on our street and on your body, on my hands.

In the name of the Father,

And of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


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