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Truth Brings Division

Twentieth Sunday Ordinary Time

August 14, 2022 •

...Christ tells us that's not why He came. "I didn't come to establish peace on the earth, I actually came to bring division."...

The reason Christ is, by His very nature, divisive, is because He always speaks the Truth....

You can have a false sense of peace when you simply reject all truth. When you say it doesn't matter what's true. What you believe, what I believe, who cares? That's being lukewarm. The devil can mock peace in that regard, and that's what was happening in our country, and all first world countries for decades.

Absolute relativism. Which made it seem like we were getting along, everything going smoothly, no major problems.

But what that relativism did was enable lies to be taught and encouraged in society.

It was a false unity. You have to believe me on this: it is actually a good thing what we are experiencing politically and culturally right now. Both in our country and throughout the world. It is a good thing.

Remember: the Truth brings division. The more divided we are - it doesn't mean we're following the Truth - but it means the Truth is trying to be discovered and maintained. . . .

The way of God is submission, humility. Self-sacrifice in order to bring about unity through the truth. And what Truth is this? That this (the crucifix) is what real love looks like.

So how do we restore unity in society? How do we come to the truth? . . .

Any act of unity and love in this world that does not look like the Cross of Jesus Christ, is a lie. Because anywhere there is sin, this is the only way to manifest Truth and Love. . . .

We need to pray for the grace that enables us first and foremost to conform to the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church. Remember, Truth must come first. And when we know the Truth, we should seek to implement it in our lives by reordering, or reorganizing, our lives and our decisions to conform them to that Truth.

Jer38:4-6, 8-10; Ps33:1, 12, 18-19, 20-22; Heb12:1-4; Lk 2:49-53

Homily begins at 19:40

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