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The Official Church Teaching on all Issues of Abortion

Fourth Sunday of Easter / Good Shepherd Sunday

May 8, 2022 •

(You may follow along in your Catechism beginning at CCC2270)

"Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable. . . . .

The moment a positive law deprives a category of human beings of the protection which civil legislation ought to accord them, the state is denying the equality of all before the law."

It's important to note that this is the official Church teaching. This is the language the Church herself has chosen to explain the position that has been handed down to us by Christ Himself and the apostles. This section quotes a document called the Didache which is the teaching of the twelve apostles, handed down in the very early life of the Church. The Didache specifically condemns the grave moral evil of abortion.

So for two thousand years, this teaching has been unchanged and is unchangable.

The passage above needed to be emphasized because it points out from Christ's own standpoint, that every civil society, and every legislature, has a required duty to protect the rights of all individual lives. If they create laws that break the equality and dignity of any human life, society itself, and the laws, and the rule of law that seeks to govern it, are fundamentally damaged. . . .

The Catechism points out very clearly that if any group of persons in a society by law is not protected, then equality in that society doesn't exist. There is nothing we can do in this culture to create true equality among all peoples until this grave evil is overturned.

Pray for the Bishops. Pray for your priests, that they would have the courage to speak out the truth. If we, as the clergy, do not speak the Word of God, then how can the sheep recognize His voice? That's what Our Lord says in the Gospel today: "My sheep hear My voice, and follow Me."

I can tell you Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and anyone in a similar position are not sheep of the flock of Jesus Christ. They may have been at one point, but they are no longer. Jesus says, the sheep recognize His voice and they follow Him. These individuals clearly aren't following Him, they don't recognize his voice, they are not members of the flock of Jesus Christ any longer. Neither is anyone who rejects this very clear and necessary Church teaching.

For those of you who may be concerned, the automatic excommunication that falls on those who participate in the procurement of an abortion, can be lifted by any priest when the person comes to sacramental confession. . . .

If we want to overturn the evils of human sacrifice in our culture and in our world, we must do what Christ did. We must be willing to sacrifice ourselves. Even if we are unjustly condemned. But if you, like Christ, willingly submit to those types of crucifixions in your life, and offer them up to the Father with, in, and through Christ's cross, then you can help to overturn this evil in our culture. That is the only way.

Acts 14:21-27; Ps 145:8-13; Rv 21:1-5a; Jn 13:31-33a, 34-35

Homily begins at 20:18

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