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  • Dyann Maldonado

One of the Mysteries

The Most Holy Trinity

Sunday May 26, 2024

Today is Trinity Sunday. One of the mysteries. Great mysteries of the church, a Holy Mother. The church has taught us that there are three Divine persons and one God. We cannot fathom it. We cannot understand it. And no human capacity is even the story that goes back to Saint Augustine when he was walking along the seashore. And a young boy approaches him, and he said to him, Augustine, I know you trying to contemplate how you get 3 in 1. He says, but you shall not really know until you see him face to face and then the boy disappeared. As I said, it's the mystery of the church.

In last week's gospel, we saw the action, interaction and cooperation of the Holy Trinity. That is God the Father, the first person of the Holy Trinity, God the Son, the second person of the Holy Trinity, and God the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Holy Trinity. What did they do? They interacted to create and establish one holy church and assist the disciples. Jesus divinely founded the church when Jesus would leave. The Holy Spirit will inspire and guide the church until the end of time, which has been the case for the last 2000 years, until the end of time. And it was all at the direction of God the Father.

Today's gospel, you might say, is Jesus farewell until his second coming. The gospel tells us when they saw him, they worshiped, meaning they bowed down to him. It also tells us. But they doubted. Why would they doubt? They know Jesus died, that he was executed and buried. They were hesitant to believe. But now they see Jesus alive again, confirming beyond all doubt that he is the Messiah. Their teacher is Lord of life. Exercising power even over death. Jesus understood their doubt, but he speaks to their faith. He calls them to carry on his work. As time goes by, the disciples will grow into the role that Jesus gives them. They will sow seeds that will take root and multiply. When Jesus says, all power in heaven and on earth has been given to me, we think of the Book of David. To him was given dominion and glory and kingship that all peoples, nations, languages should serve him. His kingship shall never be destroyed. Our Lord's kingship and authority extends over all the earth and into heaven. Jesus can command obedience from his disciples and his ability to empower them. He further tells us, go, therefore make disciples of all nations. The disciples must go, baptize, and teach the followers of these disciples.

There are people who are willing to learn. They're like students. A person committed to learning what a teacher has to teach. You must not only learn, but live what you are taught. As Jesus says, teaching them all I have commanded you. At first the disciples worked among the Jews because Jesus told them. My father said, first go to the house of Israel. But we knew what happened mostly fell on deaf ears. But now the command is to go out into the whole world. The Gentiles are to be included. Jesus instructed them, baptized in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit. Yet there is no record of the 11 themselves being baptized. In the very early church. Baptism was done in the name of Jesus. As reflected in this gospel, we see the threefold formula that was later adopted. Being baptized in the name of indicates a new relationship, a rebirth and adoption. The new relationship involves all three divine persons of the Holy Trinity in our spiritual life. As the gospel concludes, Jesus says, all that I have commanded you, Jesus does not permit us to pick and choose what we will believe or obey. Jesus teachings are authoritative. Our opinions are not. When he says at the very end that he will be with us to the end of the age, he is promising to be with us. Now and in the future, and in the timeless state of eternity.

Homily begins at 18:32

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