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The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

January 9, 2022 •

It's always from above that our Lord speaks, and our Lord comes. Why, throughout the entirety of the Scriptures and our Christian tradition do we use this imagery that Heaven is above us? Is that just metaphor? A nice imagery to help us draw closer to God?

It's an important question and one that I've given a lot of thought. I've come to the realization that Heaven is, in fact, actually above us.

Now, I don't mean the sky where the clouds are and the rain comes from, but I do mean physically above us. And I think I can prove it to you.

Not only from all of the examples that are given throughout Scripture and Tradition where if a Saint, Blessed Mother, our Lord descends, it's always from above. They always descend. So set all that aside, which I think is enough proof, but I want to tell you a story most of you might not know about Our Lady of Fatima. After the last visitation, when She was being assumed once more into Heaven, The children explained that as She was being taken up into Heaven, suddenly, the sky was torn open. Through this hole, they could see the night sky, and the stars shining. She went right through that hole and it closed up behind Her. ....

We as Christians know: the edge of the universe is the border of Creation. It's that limit in which Creation exists, outside of which is .... every where else. The only other place we know of beyond the universe, is Heaven. God's domain. Outside of space and time.

So it would make sense that when Jesus ascended into heaven, or assumed the Blessed Mother into Heaven, or when She comes again in some type of apparition, they always come from outside the universe.

It's beautiful that our Lord works according to the laws of the universe that He created. God in His divinity is everywhere. But when His Son comes in bodily form, or when the Blessed Mother comes in bodily form, they pass through the physical universe to get here. And they ascend once again in the same manner.

As believers, we see no contradiction whatsoever between what we believe as Catholics according to our faith, and what science teaches.

Is 42:1-4, 6-7; Ps 29:1-4, 9-10; Acts 10:34-38; Lk 3:15-16, 21-22

Homily begins at 23:34

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