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Jesus took His flesh from hers.

The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

December 09, 2019

At the moment of her conception, instead of giving her a soul in original sin like everyone else's, He bestowed upon her this unique grace: her Immaculate Conception. The soul that He gave her was truly immaculate and filled with His life and His grace. ...

There is no part of her - body or soul - that has ever been touched by sin. ...

The reason God bestowed this unique grace upon her was so that she could be the Mother of God. Jesus took His flesh from hers. ...

Mary received the first grace of redemption in her Immaculate Conception from the cross of Jesus.

Gn 3:9-15, 20, Ps 72: 1, 2-3ab, 3cd, 4, Eph 1: 3-6, 11-12, Lk 1:26-38

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