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It should never have been said.

Thirtieth Sunday of Ordinary Time

October 25, 2020 •

Submission to the will of God, to the Law of God is required to love Him. One of those very basic laws that no Christian can deny unless they reject the Bible, and Tradition, and Christ, is the law against homosexuality. And it is not against the temptation to homosexuality, it's against the practice. You don't go to hell because you're tempted. You go to hell because you do it, because you don't repent, and you don't try to stop doing it.

In order to properly love the sinner - whether that's ourself first, or our neighbor - we must be totally committed to God and His teachings.

... Bergoglio's statement was wrong and should never have been said for two reasons. The first reason is: it's scandalous. It was scandalous for him to say it, period. ...As the Pope of the Church, offering his private opinion in this matter objectively causes scandal and confusion in the simple and the weak faithful of the Church.

The second reason that statement should never have been made is because it's false. It's not true. Civil societies should not make laws that allow for homosexual couples to have civil unions, even if they are striving to live chastely. ...Civil society gives benefits - and they are benefits, not rights - to married couples for the good of their children and for the family. The second reason the statement is false is that homosexual couples should not be living together. Pope Francis assumes that the Christian homosexual couple is trying to live chastely. If they are honestly trying to live chastely, they would not be living together. They're basically living in a near occasion of sin. And if the Holy Father really wanted to help them to love Christ and to get to heaven, he would tell them not that they need civil protection under the law, but that they need to separate and stop being an occasion of sin to each other.

This is obviously a very difficult topic, and I don't like making such statements because even responding to this can scandalize the faithful at times. So let me tell you, Bergoglio is our Pope. Pope Francis is our Pope given to us by the Holy Spirit. There is a reason he is our Holy Father. It doesn't mean he is sinless, it doesn't mean he is a saint. Pope Francis needs our prayers for this reason alone: the smallest mistakes he makes will be judged far more harshly by God than great mistakes by us because of the power and influence he has not just in the Catholic Church, but in the entire world. Even Protestants are scandalized by what he said, and they don't accept his authority. Pope Francis needs our prayers.

Ex 22:20-26; Ps 96:1, 3, 4-5, 7-8, 9-10; 1 Thes 1:5c-10; Mt 22:34-40

Homily begins at 17:01

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