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If we can't praise well, we cannot feast well. - Fr Matthew Kauth

Twenty-Sixth Sunday

September 29, 2019•

What the Gospel is attempting to manifest is that each one of you is the sick man at the gate.

Some of you, God gives you a little something to relieve the suffering of the person who's next to you. If you withhold that, whether it's money, food, a smile, kindness... He's going to withhold it from you. It all flows right down from the Father, through the Son, so that everyone can get home. And you know someone who is at the gate, and doesn't think they have anything to celebrate, that this world is all there is. You have to bring them. And help them to know their Father, and to be able to rejoice finally that he has given us everything.

Am 6:1a, 4-7, Ps 146: 7, 8-9, 9-10, 1Tm 6:11-16, Lk 16:19-31

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