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I pray she had the grace to repent before she died.

Twenty-Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time

September 20, 2020 •

The moment your body dies and takes its last breath, your soul is now irrevocably, and eternally conformed to its final beliefs. There's no changing.

So when that soul goes before the Lord, especially if it is unrepentant of a life spent rejecting the Gospel truth, and when it is presented with living Truth - God Himself - when it comes face-to-face in a sense with Truth, it can't convert now. It can't repent. And since it has rejected that Truth during its whole life, it's going to reject that Truth in its death.

What will the pronouncement of our Lord be on such a soul? What will His judgement be?

Well, that soul does not want to spend eternity with a God it disagrees with, and God will not force that soul to come to Heaven. Out of justice, He would send it to a place where it does not have to look on Truth. There's only one other place. It's hell.

That's why I pray that she had the grace to repent before she died. It's the same prayer I offer for all of you.

We should continue to pray not just for the soul of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she could be in purgatory, but to pray for everyone on the Supreme Court, all government officials, all those in power. Their judgment will be far more harsh than the rest of society, than the average American because of their responsibility and their authority. We have a responsibility then, to try to help them with our prayers and our sacrifices to receive the grace of conversion, and ultimately ,like ourselves, to come to accept our Lord Jesus Christ.

Is 55:6-9; Ps 145:2-3, 8-9, 17-18; Phil 1:20c-24, 27a; Mt 20:1-6a

You can watch the Mass in its entirety here. Homily begins at 16:35

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