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How can you help me to be a better father?

Twelfth Sunday of Ordinary Time

June 21, 2020 •

I follow the Lord, even if you don't, and that's part of my sacrifice, that's part of my responsibility as "high priest". Hopefully, through doing that, I draw you back to Jesus. I teach you about the Lord and you grow in holiness. ... I'm also the first to offer sacrifice, in this case it's the sacrifice of Jesus Himself.

But, as the high priest I need to do that in every way. I need to strive to be more humble than every one of my children at St Dorothy's. More virtuous. More patient. More understanding. More prayerful. I don't always do it, certainly. But this is a (goal) that I have to strive for, because as the high priest, I'm the one who sets the example for everyone else.

Now ultimately, Christ is the example, so even when I fail... just look to Jesus. But our Lord appoints me to this position because it's helpful for you - His children - to see a living example of it.

So you fathers - we fathers - have this burden in our homes, this great responsibility.... A lot of times our judgements are incorrect, or at least flawed. I may make a decision as father, as high priest of St Dorothy's that, you know, in the end wasn't very prudent or wise. But it's mine to make.

And what do you do? What should be your response in those situations? ... There is something that all of you can do for the benefit of your fathers when they're struggling, when they're not doing well, when they're not great leaders or priests.

Jer 20:10-13; Ps 69:8-10, 14, 17, 33-35; Rom 5:12-15; Mt 10:26-33

Homily begins at 17:10

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