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He shares with you His own Divine Nature

Solemnity of the Annunciation of Our Lord

March 25, 2020 •

Our Lord has endured and suffered all things that we could go through in this life, even death itself. He does this to prove Himself to us, even though that proof is unnecessary. But He goes so far to show us His love and fidelity, and there is nothing we can endure in this life that He has not endured, and that He does not endure, with us.

It’s important to remember, especially on this great Feast day, that He shares with you His own divine grace and nature as He has shared with you your human nature.

Is 7:10-14; 8:10; Ps 40:7-8a, 8b-9, 10, 11; Heb 10:4-10; Lk 1:26-38

Watch a recording of Father's Annunciation Mass here. Stay tuned after the Mass for an additional thought from Father.

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