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Faith means not only to believe in God, but to trust in God

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

June 23, 2024 •

Jesus had ministered to the people all day long along the shore of Galilee, but in his humanity. Now he needed rest. The boat that he entered into, he goes to the stern of the boat, and as it says, he falls asleep on a cushion. Then the gospel says, suddenly a violent squall came and threatened to capsize the boat. The disciples woke him and said, teacher, do you not care how we are perishing? The gospel continues. He woke up, rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, quiet, be still. The wind ceased, and there was quiet, calm. Then he asked them, why are you terrified? Do you not yet have faith?  In the midst of the storm. The disciples felt that Jesus did not care about them.

They were in fear of death. Both doubt and fear come from a lack of faith. The disciples were shocked when the wind and the waves of nature obey Jesus. Jesus rebuked the disciples because they lack faith. Their lack of faith was expressed in two ways through fear and powerlessness. There was nothing they felt they could do, but Jesus wanted them to be men of faith, overcoming fear. Jesus wanted them to experience the power of faith. Satan uses fear to enslave people and keep them from coming to God. The question is, how can we overcome fear? Jesus wants us to overcome fear by having faith in God in any situation. Jesus wants us to believe in the love of God. Absolutely. God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and self-control.

Faith means not only to believe in God, but to trust in God. God allows storms in our lives to draw us closer to him, to teach us lessons and strengthen our faith. God's love and power always prevail. The gospel closes with the disciples expressing their wonder and awe of Jesus when they say, who then is this whom even when and see, obey?  They now begin to realize Jesus is more than man. This led them to eventually confess that Jesus is the Messiah, the son of the living God. I have one other element which I will present concerning this homily for this simple reason. Jesus is upset when he knows they should be at the forefront, not be afraid. He chastises them because of their lack of faith.

After a day of Jesus preaching the good news, the crowd of people still sought to be with Jesus. Why? His words were captivating. They were inspirational. They gave hope. The people felt loved in his presence as his words fed and nourished their soul, especially the miracles he worked because of the depth of his compassion for those in need. My question is, what did the disciples not understand? They observed all these things when they were with the Lord, when he was doing his work, serving the people and their needs, the people that Jesus served on, that sure, they got it right, but the disciples just didn't get it yet.



I have two announcements to make. Our first registration continues this weekend for our Summer Catholic Kids Camp tracking Mary. The fee is $10 per child for five nights of fun and catechesis as they travel to countries that have been blessed with a Marian apparition. Donations are always welcome to bring this program to the children of the parish. Also, as we prepare for a summer CKC Catholic Kids camp entitled Tracking Mary. Our Knights of Columbus Council is hosting summer nights at the movies.

The children in our summer program will be visiting the countries where approved apparition of Our Lady have taken place. They will visit such places as Lourdes in France, Fatima in Portugal, and Guadalupe in Mexico. With this in mind, the nights will sponsor three family nights at the movies. Admission is free and popcorn and drinks will be available. Viewing will take place in the Holy Family Hall.

It is suggested you bring comfy chairs or blankets to sit on.


Homily Begins at 16:35

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