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Everything in the universe finds its meaning in this mystery.

Trinity Sunday

June 12, 2022 •

This for us as Christians is actually the greatest mystery of our faith. The fact that our God is a trinity of persons. He is One, truly. One in mind, one in heart and yet three persons, eternal.

Now, we can't necessarily understand how this is, but we always try to glean some understanding, even if just a little bit. There are many things that God has done in creating the world, and creating our natures, to help us better understand Him.

That's why this mystery is so essential. It's actually more important than the Incarnation, the Suffering, Death and Resurrection, even though it's that mystery which saves us from sin.

The Incarnation is merely an extension of God's Trinitarian life in the physical universe. Everything we know, everything we perceive on this level of reality only exists because this trinitarian God made it. And when He made it, He made it based on the same Truth of His own existence.

Everything in the universe is trinitarian. Everything.

To illustrate this point, I'm going to give you one of my favorite examples I learned long ago: every atom is trinitarian. It's based on the very same principle of our God. And it makes sense, since God made up atoms to make up the universe, He'd make them like Him. In its basic components, what makes up an atom? There are three primary parts: protons, neutrons and electrons. How do these parts relate, one to the other?

The nucleus - the center - the focal point you could say of the atom, are the proton and neutron which are bonded together inside the nucleus. That which keeps them bonded together is the electron cloud that surrounds them. . . .

Why is this trinitarian? Not just because you have three parts to that atom, it's even how they relate one to the other.

We know, because of revelation, that the Father and the Son love each other eternally. And Their Love is the Holy Spirit. If you think of it logically, the Father and the Son live in Love. Love surrounds and fills Them, just like the electrons do with the protons and the neutrons. They are bonded in some special bond - what happens if you break an atom? Bad stuff happens! All that energy released. . . . obviously, they are meant to be bonded. They're bonded within this electron cloud. Electron symbolizes the Holy Spirit, proton and neutron symbolize the Father and the Son.

Everything in creation, everything, can be broken down into a trinitarian dynamic because it's all based on the Truth of Who God is, and God is the One that made it. . . .

So if you're interested in this stuff, I encourage you, start looking at things and analyzing them and see how they can fit within the trinitarian design. Everything does.

Everything in the universe finds its meaning in this mystery. . . . am I willing to die for this mystery?

The truths of the faith - ultimately rooted in the Truth of our God Who is a Trinity - these truths are more true, more profound, more essential than you or I.

Prv 8:22-31; Ps 8:4-9; Rom 5:1-5; Jn 16:12-15

Homily begins at 21:37

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