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Dorothy means "Lover of God"

Feast Day of Saint Dorothy

February 6, 2021 •

She loved the Lord so much that not only had she dedicated her life and virginity to Jesus; she wanted to belong to Him alone and no other man. But she was also willing to die for Him at a very young age.... She's such an example to us. And she was able to do all this because she loved God.

But how did she love God?

You're here on a Saturday morning celebrating her feast because you do love God. And you want to love Him more, but you struggle with that.

We struggle with loving anyone when there is distance between us. So how do we draw closer to the Lord when He's up in heaven. When we pray and we can't see Him, or we listen and we can't hear Him - at least not on a physical level. This is a challenge for us.

So how did Dorothy do this?

It's quite simple, it's by recognizing that Jesus is not just up in Heaven. He is with us here and now.

Our parish has just spent 40 hours adoring Him. Parishioners sitting in His presence gazing on Him. Loving Him. And receiving His love.

Love of the Eucharist is how we grow in our love for God.

Homily begins at 31:00

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