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Catechesis is the act of handing on the Word of God intended to inform the faith community and candidates for initiation into the Church about the teachings of Christ, transmitted by the Apostles
to the Church. 

Catechesis also involves the lifelong effort of forming people into witnesses to Christ and opening their hearts to the spiritual transformation given by the Holy Spirit. 

Young Adult Apologetics

St. Dorothy’s Young Adult Apologetics explores the truth and fictions about the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ over 2000 years ago.  The topics discussed are designed to lead inquiring minds and skeptics alike to the truth of Christ’s revealed religion.  Down through the centuries, many views of the Church and Her sacred teachings have been taken out of context.  What is the Church, really?  How can it be both an authentic representation of Christ and filled with sinners?  How can such a Church seem old fashioned and unnecessary yet more needed and applicable to our times than ever?  Why does the genius of Catholicism need to be understood and shared above all the other religions of the world that say they speak the truth?  Why does the Catholic Church still exist?  And how can the young adult actually see and feel what vital role they play in it? 


St. Dorothy’s Young Adult Apologetics will reveal the answers to these questions and more, and anchor the young adult’s belief in their faith so as to enable them to truly live and proclaim the good news of Jesus and His Church. 


What is the compassionate but truthful response when someone asks about or questions the meaning of salvation, faith and works, having a personal relationship with the Lord, the Pope, infant baptism, our Blessed Mother Mary, why people have to confess their sins to the priest, the “rapture” and what happens at the end of the world?  All these answers and more are available to anyone who desires to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus in this life in order to be with him for eternity in the next life.    


“Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they will be satisfied.” 


Please contact Mrs Meg Barrett our Director of Faith Formation or call the office at 704.735.5575 should you have questions or need more information.

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